Principal's Message

Principal's Message 

A Message From Byron Davis

Greetings Cardinals!

I am so excited for all that we will be doing this school year.  Patrick Copeland is a school full of committed individuals who work hard for the children.  We care about our bright young learners and share a goal to create the best and most productive learning experience they are able to have.  We plan to work with parents in partnership to create that experience, and we recognize that without parent support, we cannot be nearly as strong.  We encourage parents to talk with their children, but also to talk with their children's teachers.  With solid relationships, good plans become realities.  We also encourage parents to share in the experience and show of support by volunteering.  This year, we have waived all membership fees for the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) because your involvment is our highest priority. 

This is an exciting time, as we continue strong traditions that Patrick Copeland has built, and combine them with new endeavors.  All of our efforts will be geared towards providing good instruction.  Our academic focus will remain squarely on Reading and Math.  Please stay tuned as we continue to develop and share the great things Patrick Copeland Elementary School is doing.

Finally, I want to personally thank the Patrick Copeland community for welcoming me with open arms.  It is clear that I am among great people, and together, we will do great things!

In education,

Byron Davis