Teacher of the Year

2017-2018 Teacher of the Year:

Mr. Jaret Chilcote
Mr. Chilcote has been a teacher at Patrick Copeland Elementary since 2013. Mr. Chilcote has taught Kindergarten and 4th grade. He is currently the Math Specialist for Patrick Copeland.


Previous Teachers of the Year:

2016-2017: George Sumner
2015-2016: Jessica Craft
2014-2015: Becky Lowe
2013-2014: Jamilah Scott
2012-2013: Eva Bowen
2011-2012: Christine Weston
2010-2011: Tyler Faria
2009-2010: Elizabeth Cummings
2008-2009: Cindy Barnes
2007-2008: Ke'a Brock Turner
2006-2007: Patty Moore
2005-2006: Linda Hahn
2004-2005: Kristin Dewald
2003-2004: Joan Whitfield
2002-2003: LaEunice Bouldin
2001-2002:Cheryl Williams